National Progress Report: Norway

Since the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, Norway has strengthened nuclear security implementation and built up the global nuclear security architecture by… 

Strengthening Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material Security

  • Norway hosted an IPPAS mission in October 2015, in line with our support to IAEA Information Circular (INFCIRC) 869. The mission recommended that Norway should:
    • Ensuring effective financial and legal independence of the regulatory authority;
    • review its regulations on physical protection, incorporating input from the IPPAS mission;
    • strengthen national measures against insider threats;
    • strengthen measures against cyber threats;
    • improve coordination between different authorities with particular emphasis on threat assessments and response.
  • Norway has increased its cooperation with Ukraine on nuclear safety and security, including the following measures:
    • A Norwegian–Swedish–Ukrainian initiative on improving nuclear safety and security in Ukraine was launched at NSS 2014.
    • Bilateral regulatory cooperation with Ukraine has been enhanced. This includes establishing an overview of regulatory challenges to improved nuclear safety.
    • Cooperation with the US has been entered into on projects in Ukraine to counter illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials.
    • In 2016, Norway will host an international meeting for closer coordination of efforts to improve nuclear safety and security in Ukraine.
  • Norway has been engaged in several projects over the last two decades on securing the nuclear legacy from the Cold War and other radioactive material in north-western Russia.
    • We are currently supporting activities aimed at securing nuclear material at the former military base in Andreeva Bay and at Atomflot in Murmansk

Minimizing Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials

  • Norway launched a Gift Basket at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit on Minimising and Eliminating the Use of Highly Enriched Uranium in Civilian Applications. A follow up International Conference will be organised in 2018.
  • Norway has replaced all Cs-137 Category 1 radioactive sources with X-ray technology.
  • In 2016, Norway will host an International meeting on minimisation of stocks of highly enriched uranium in a uranium-thorium mixture.

 Countering Nuclear Smuggling

Norway has:

  • contributed to improved border monitoring in Ukraine by installing additional border monitoring portals, in partnership with the US;
  • helped to improve Ukrainian border guard capabilities in handling nuclear smuggling incidents;
  • contributed to training activities in searching for and securing radioactive sources for relevant Ukrainian authorities, in partnership with the US;
  • initiated a collaborative project with Slovakia, on improved border control against nuclear smuggling.

Supporting Multilateral Instruments

Norway has:

  • signed and ratified the amended Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials and Facilities (CPPNM);
  • adopted the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources including its supplementary guidance document;
  • signed and ratified the International Convention on the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism;
  • promoted additional measures for material transparency, control and production cut-off, and early start and conclusion of negotiations on a Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty (FMCT).

Collaborating with International Organizations and Initiatives

  • Norway has contributed approx. USD 5 mill. to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund since the first summit.
  • Norway participates in the IAEA Nuclear Security Guidance Committee.
  • Norway is an active member of the G7 Global Partnership.
  • Norway participates in the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.
  • Norway has reported on implementation of UNSC resolution 1540.

 Partnering with External Stakeholders

  • In January 2016, Norway hosted a WINS workshop, in collaboration with the US, on the implementation of the 2014 Gift Basket on Enhancing Radiological Security