National Progress Report: New Zealand

Since the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, New Zealand has strengthened nuclear security implementation and built up the global nuclear security architecture by the following actions.

Supporting Multilateral Instruments

  • Ratified the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material in March 2016.*
  • Ratified the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism in March 2016.*

Strengthening National Nuclear and Radiological Material Security

  • Enacted the Radiation Safety Act 2016 in March 2016. The Act is a complete overhaul of our legislative framework dealing with the safety and security of nuclear and radioactive material. The Act provides for a new type of licence enabling increased regulatory control over persons who manage or use radioactive or nuclear material.*
  • Implemented in March 2016 a Code of Practice for the Security of Radioactive Material.*

Countering Nuclear Smuggling

  • In November 2015, New Zealand hosted a Proliferation Security Initiative exercise – Exercise Maru 2015. Over 130 participants from 21 countries attended the exercise which was designed with the Asia Pacific region specifically in mind. The exercise focused on what steps countries with limited resources and capacity can take to intercept weapons of mass destruction and their components.* 

Collaborating with International Organizations

  • In November 2015, New Zealand hosted an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) mission. The voluntary mission reviewed the national nuclear security regime for radioactive material, associated facilities and activities.*
  • New Zealand is currently working to implement the IPPAS mission recommendations and plans to invite a follow-up mission.*
  • New Zealand concluded a Modified Small Quantities Protocol with the IAEA in 2014 and hosted a successful ad hoc inspection in February 2015 to verify our nuclear material holdings.*
  • New Zealand has contributed to the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Fund regularly since its inception in 2002, and has donated $286,000 since NSS 2014.*

Partnering with External Stakeholders

  • New Zealand continued to make targeted contributions to a range of voluntary nuclear security-related initiatives.*
  • New Zealand has continued its partnership with the United States’ Department of Energy and since the 2014 Summit has contributed NZ$510,000 to a range of nuclear security related projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.*
  • New Zealand has also continued its partnership with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation to partner on Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism projects. Since the 2014 Summit New Zealand has contributed NZ$160,000 to regional nuclear security training workshops in the Philippines and Sydney.*
  • New Zealand has continued its partnership with the World Institute of Nuclear Security, and since the 2014 Summit has contributed NZ$50,000 towards development of its online training facility for nuclear security.*

*Denotes an accomplishment associated with Information Circular (INFCIRC) 869