National Progress Report: Argentina

Since the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, Argentina has strengthened nuclear security implementation and built up the global nuclear security architecture by…

…Strengthening Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material Security

  • Argentina has been implementing the provisions included in the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and its 2005 Amendment and in the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources.
  • The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) has updated the domestic norm on "Transport of Radioactive Materials". The norm encompasses the "Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials" (2012 edition) of the IAEA.
  • ARN and the IAEA jointly organized a national workshop on Design Basis Threat during May 2015.
  • Argentina strengthened the attention to the nuclear security component in the storage of fuel elements from the Embalse NPP during the first stage of the life extension process.
  • ARN is working on the revision of the pertinent norm for implementing INFCIRC 225 Rev. 5 during 2016.

…Minimizing Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials

  • The total stock of HEU agreed under FRRSNF acceptance program has been just finally minimized by down-blending last HEU inventories.
  • Argentina continues to support the LEU technology for fission radioisotope production, contributing to a worldwide HEU minimization.

…Countering Nuclear Smuggling

  • Argentina will continue to strengthen its national export control regime, with particular attention to preventing the diversion of sensitive materials including nuclear material.

…Supporting Multilateral Instruments

  • As part of its efforts to support the implementation of UNSC resolution 1540, Argentina sent a technical assistance mission to Grenada covering nuclear regulatory issues and will undertake training activities in that country including in the field of nuclear security.

…Collaborating with International Organizations

  • In order to continue Argentina’s active participation in the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) activities and to promote the GICNT in the region, Argentina co-hosted with Chile a Response and Mitigation Working Group workshop and tabletop exercise on August 2014. The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism’s Radiological Emergency Management Exercise (REMEX) 2014: “Paihuen”, focused on demonstrating best practices for interagency communication and coordination needed to respond to criminal event involving radiation sources.
  • In terms of international nuclear security related activities Argentina participates in the GICNT, within which framework contributed to the development of documents and guidelines for the three working groups: NUCLEAR FORENSICS, NUCLEAR DETECTION and RESPONSE AND MITIGATION.
  • Argentina took active participation in main GICNT exercises:
    • Tiger Reef Feb 2014
    • Northern LightsJan 2015
    • Radiant CityMay 2015
    • Gate to AfricaOct 2015
    • Blue RavenNov 2015
  • Argentina and Chile are planning to organize another joint exercise, possibly “Paihuen 2”.
  • Argentina will continue to support and actively participate in the GICNT
  • Argentina is a member of the Program Committee for the 2nd International Conference on Nuclear Security convened by the IAEA on December 2016 and fully supports the Agency’s role in nuclear security.
  • Argentina integrated the Organization Committee for the International Conference “Computer Security in a Nuclear World – Expert Discussion and Exchange” IAEA Jun 2015.
  • Argentina will host an IAEA regional training course on security of radioactive material in transport in 2016.