Fact Sheet on Joint Statement on the Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources



Office of the Press Secretary



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High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources (HASS) Gift Basket

Radioactive sources are used in medical, research and industrial applications in public facilities worldwide.  High-activity sealed radioactive sources (HASS) present a security concern because of their potential use in a radiological dispersal device (dirty bomb) or a radiological exposure device.  In recognition of these concerns, the Joint Statement on Strengthening the Security of High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources aims to advance existing efforts to prevent the theft of these sources by supporting their replacement with technologies that do not use radioactive sources, increasing cooperation among source supplier and recipient States, and assessing the international framework on HASS, especially regarding the management of sources that are no longer in use. 

The United States supports the aims of this gift basket, which was sponsored by France.  The United States seeks to prevent high-activity radiological materials from being used in acts of terrorism by partnering with businesses, hospitals, industries, international organizations, andregulatory agencies in more than 85 countries.  The United States provides security technologies, expertise, training, source recovery, and non-radioactive-source based replacement strategies.  In addition, the United States has helped establish an international research effort on non-isotopic alternative technologies and partners with industry to share information and best practices on adoption.

The United States also supports efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency to strengthen the international framework for radiological security by promoting the development of additional guidance regarding the security and management of radioactive sources.  The United States has also partnered with global suppliers of radioactive sources to discuss issues related to imports and exports of sources.