Fact Sheet: Joint Statement on Certified Training


Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release                       


Certified Training for Nuclear Security Management

The challenges associated with managing nuclear and other radiological materials are varied and complex, and it is essential that states to their utmost to maintain security over such materials.  Effective security relies upon the competence of management and personnel who are responsible for this work.  Therefore, it is crucial that managers and personnel responsible for nuclear security continuously maintain and improve their skills.  Much progress has been made in this area since the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, particularly with the development of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Information Circular 869 and with the establishment of the World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS) Academy Nuclear Security Management Certification Program.

The WINS Academy is a comprehensive training program for nuclear security professionals, with modules that cover a wide variety of disciplines.  Upon successful completion, students become Certified Nuclear Security Professionals.  Certification is valid for three years, after which time recertification is required.  The program is designed to develop a network of certified professional who are affecting meaningful and sustainable changes to nuclear security worldwide.

In support of this issue, Canada has sponsored the Gift Basket on Certified Training for Nuclear Security Management.  As a signatory to this Gift Basket, the United States commits to further support the WINS Academy, including through the provision of advocacy, peer review support, contributions, or by other means as necessary, and to promote cooperative efforts between the WINS Academy and the IAEA.  The United States has supported WINS through federal grants and works with the both IAEA and directly with partner countries to provide a wide variety of training to personnel responsible for securing nuclear and radiological materials.