Fact Sheet: Joint Statement on Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres



Office of the Press Secretary



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Nuclear Security Centers of Excellence and Training Centers


Nuclear Security Centers of Excellence (COE) have emerged as an important part of the global nuclear security architecture.  A number of Summit participants have committed to establishing COEs since the first Summit in 2010.  This trend recognizes the importance of making sure that scientists, technicians, engineers, managers, and all others who work with and around nuclear materials are properly trained.  Areas of focus for training include physical protection, nuclear forensics, nuclear emergency preparedness and response, export controls, and nuclear detection.  COEs address the important “human factor” of global efforts to secure nuclear material. 

To promote communication and interaction, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) established the Nuclear Security Training and Support Center Network and portal in 2012.  This has resulted in greater coordination and collaboration amongst the COEs and is a venue to provide best practices to states interested in establishing a COE.

Italy has sponsored a Joint Statement at the 2016 Nuclaer Security Summit to support the continued development of the COEs.  This statement includes pledges to increase cooperation among COEs, both within the IAEA and regionally, as well as steps that the Centers will take to ensure continous improvemnet to circiulum and instructers. 

The United States has worked closely with many countries toestablish and support the missions of these Centers to train international audiences on nuclear security issues. 

The U.S. will continue to work with international partners on nuclear security training and education, helping to ensure a strong security culture and the building sustainability for the important work achieved through the Nuclear Security Summit process.