Fact Sheet: Joint Statement on Countering Nuclear Smuggling


Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release                       


Statement of Activity and Cooperation

to Counter Nuclear Smuggling

The acquisition of nuclear or radioactive materials by a terrorist, criminal, or other unauthorized actors poses a serious threat to international security.  Previous seizures of smuggled nuclear materials underscore the need for strengthened international efforts to investigate and disrupt nuclear smuggling networks to prevent the illegal transfer of nuclear and radioactive materials out of regulatory control. 

By signing on to the Jordan-sponsored Statement of Activity and Cooperation to Counter Nuclear Smuggling, the United States government commits to further enhancing its capabilities to counter nuclear smuggling.  Domestically, U.S. government agencies coordinate actively so that they are fully prepared to investigate nuclear smuggling networks, detect and recover nuclear and radioactive material out of regulatory control, and arrest and prosecute the criminals involved.  Each agency possesses unique and complementary personnel, equipment, capabilities, and legal authorities to respond quickly and effectively to a radiological or nuclear smuggling incident.  Federal agencies also work closely with state, local, and tribal governments, and the private sector.    

Recognizing the transnational nature of nuclear smuggling, the United States pledges to expand our cooperation with international partners.  The United States provides assistance with broad spectrum of capacity-building support, to include equipment, training and other technical support.