Press briefing rooms will be provided at no cost to any attending delegation, and will be available in 45-minute slots between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM on a reservation (first-come, first-served) basis. Additional availability is possible outside the above-specified hours on a case-by-case basis should your delegation require; please contact the U.S. Media Team for additional assistance.

Delegations wishing to book briefing spaces should complete the form below to request a room by 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on March 14, 2016. All requests received prior to this cut off will be treated equally, and any conflicts will be resolved by protocol order. No confirmations will be issued before that date. Any requests received after the deadline will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

The majority of the briefing rooms are located on the Street Level of the Convention Center, U.S. media staff will escort media within these spaces. Each reserved briefing room will have a stage with a podium, a backdrop with the Summit logo, broadcast-ready lighting and sound amplification/mults (direct audio feed), plus a riser for TV cameras, and up to 80 seats for reporters. Delegations may request to have a second podium set-up or tables/chairs instead of a single podium. Because of tight time turnarounds, delegations will not be permitted to provide their own podium.  

Delegations are responsible for designating the press coverage of their press conference. If electing for a briefing to be “open,” it will be listed on the schedule of open-press briefings in the International Media Center and open to all interested media. Alternatively, delegations can elect for a briefing to be “closed,” or by invitation only. Should a delegation determine a briefing is closed, it is the responsibility of the delegation’s press officers to handle media invitations and control access to the briefing room.

Point of Contact Name *
Point of Contact Name
Please note that all requests are for Eastern Standard Time. Please specify AM or PM.
Please note that all requests are for Eastern Standard Time. Please specify AM or PM.
Media coverage of briefings is at the discretion of the delegation holding the briefing. Please note that should a delegation offer a closed, by invitation only briefing, the delegation press staff will be required to manage invitations and access to the briefing room.
(If known)
Please note that due to the limited time between briefings, delegations will not have the option to utilize their own podium.
Dependent on resources, video from HostTV will be posted as downloadable high-quality and web-quality video after the conclusion of the coverage opportunity.