HostTV Informational Overview

The United States is pleased to provide complimentary video of the Nuclear Security Summit official events and coverage opportunities as a “clean” feed with no graphics or chyrons (“HostTV”). A full schedule of events will be posted to this website shortly before the Summit.

Broadcast Standard: NTSC HD/SDI 1080i 59.94
Audio Volume: -16dB to -20 dB

A schedule of HostTV for the Nuclear Security Summit is available at

HostTV Producer's Log link is here.

Live video and audio feeds will be available through the following three methods:

1. Broadcaster Access

The United States will broadcast a live HostTV feed of open press Nuclear Security Summit events via the Verizon Washington D.C. AVOC that all media organizations can access copyright-free. 

Broadcast Standard: 1080I HD/SDI, 59.94
Audio Channels: 1. Floor, 2. English
Circuit: 36TBGS103178DC

For technical questions, please contact the State Department Master Control at +1 (202) 647-6806.

2. Video on Demand
After the conclusion of the event, the United States will post complementary video clips of selected programming to be available via download (in high-quality and web-quality) through the NSS website ( and via the Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS):

Direct FTP download of high-quality video is permitted by utilizing the below parameters

FTP Host/Server (download only):

Username:       Videos

Password:        nss2016

If you do not have access to a FTP client, please view, which will automatically update with the contents of the FTP server.

3. Press Filing Center
All HostTV opportunities will be displayed throughout the Press Filing Center and viewable by all accredited journalists. Direct signal distribution be available free of charge for video at a central point in the International Media Center.

Location: International Media Center

Video Connection: BNC (with embedded audio of floor/English)
            Audio Connection: XLR

Broadcast Standard: 1080I HD/SDI, 59.94
Audio Channels:

·         1. Floor / Non-Interpreted Audio;

·         2. English;

·         3. Arabic;  4. Chinese; 5. Czech; 6. French; 7. German; 8. Hindi; 9. Bahasa Indonesia; 10. Italian; 11. Japanese; 12. Korean; 13. Polish; 14. Portuguese; 15. Russian; 16. Spanish; 17. Thai; 18. Turkish; 19. Tieng Viet

All press in the International Media Center can self-cable to the distribution point, but must provide all cable (either HD/SDI coax BNC or fiber depending on distance). As general reference, the IDF is located approximately 120 feet away from the signal distribution point, broadcast stand-up positions are approximately 150 feet, while custom edit suits are approximately 260 feet away.

Broadcasters seeking to transmit this feed from the International Media Center must purchase connectivity services through the media services ratecard.

 Additionally, distribution of designated open press briefing room feeds (single head-on camera) is located at this central signal distribution point in the IMC.

A number of still images from the Summit will be provided on an official basis after the conclusion of each event, posted at high-resolution and available in the public domain accessible through or