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Fact Sheet: U.S. Support to INTERPOL   

INTERPOL is the premier institution for international law enforcement coordination and has a demonstrated commitment to promote practical measures to counter nuclear smuggling, including providing operational data collection, investigative support, and law enforcement collaboration.  INTERPOL has implemented several efforts to strengthen the capabilities of its member countries to deter, detect, and interdict the illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive material at border crossings, airports, and seaports, as well as locations within member countries’ interiors through activities such as Operation Fail Safe, Project Stone, and organizing Counter Nuclear Smuggling Workshops.           

Operation Fail Safe serves law enforcement in 190 member states by providing real-time monitoring and tracking of persons involved in the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials.  Project Stone provides technical resources and training to help increase capabilities to detect and intercept nuclear materials when they are illegally moved across international borders.  Additionally, INTERPOL conducts workshops to raise awareness of the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials and to promote INTERPOL services.  These workshops are aimed at the full law enforcement community, which includes police, border control forces, customs officials, intelligence agencies, and investigative officers. 

The United States has a deep and abiding partnership with INTERPOL on countering nuclear smuggling.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation provides important financial support as well as a specialized representative assigned to INTERPOL headquarters to assist in the delivery of key programs.  The Department of Energy also has an assigned representative to provide support, including to the recent Global Conference on Countering Nuclear Smuggling.  In addition, the Department of State partners with INTERPOL to hold regional dialogues on nuclear smuggling prosecutions.  Beyond those institutionalized mechanisms, the United States regularly supplies subject matter experts to numerous INTERPOL activities to strengthen operations, workshops, and projects, all designed to mitigate terrorist or criminal threats involving nuclear materials.