This form should be used by the Delegation Media POC after successfully reserving a bilateral meeting room to determine the press coverage and format for all bilateral meetings conducted during the Nuclear Security Summit. Please fill out this form once for each scheduled bilateral meeting. Additional details on bilateral meeting room media logistics follow below. For any questions, or modifications to information after submission, please contact the U.S. Summit Media Team at

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For delegations selecting 'Open Media Coverage' please note that the room can accommodate up to 20-30 individuals in a combined pool.
For delegations selecting 'By Invitation Only,' please note international news agencies, including the Associated Press, Reuters, and Eurovision, are available in the press filing center. The United States can connect delegations wishing to invite representatives from these agencies to participate in the bilateral meeting coverage opportunity.
HostTV coverage will be based on resources and availability.
If someone other than yourself will be responsible for media at this bilateral meeting, what is their name?
If someone other than yourself will be responsible for media at this bilateral meeting, what is their name?

Bilateral Meeting Room Media Logistics

A total of six (6) bilateral meeting rooms are available to foreign delegations on the Street Level of the Summit site at no-cost on a bookable basis, reserved through the delegation’s U.S. Liaison Officer. Each space is press-ready, outfitted with branding, country flags if requested, broadcast-quality lighting and a demarcated area for media pools. No direct audio feeds (mults) are available nor is SI available for the media. All pools are set at ground height, and no supplementary electricity is available. Complimentary wireless Internet is accessible using the same International Media Center network authentication.

Delegations are responsible for designating the press coverage of their bilateral meeting, and the nature or duration of media participation. Generally, most bilateral meetings will be “by invitation only” – that is, a delegation’s press officers will handle the distribution and notification of media invitations and informing invited press of logistical parameters and call times. In other cases, if asked, the United States can gather interested media sign-ups at the Press Information Desk.

By default, most press availabilities of bilateral meetings will be short camera sprays – that is, approximately 60 seconds to two minutes – facilitated at the beginning of the meeting. In other cases, delegations may wish for press to stay longer, or to conduct an availability at the conclusion of the meeting. The delegation’s press officer should fully manage the escorting/introducing press into the room itself, and any schedule/timing – including verbally notifying press of the end of the availability. (U.S. media personnel will assist in escorting bilateral pools to these availabilities in conjunction with delegation staff.)                                                                                                

Unless otherwise indicated, the United States will list the bilateral meeting in the overall schedule of events published to the press.

Room Configuration: Bilateral Rooms 1-3 are set in “conference-table” style, while Bilateral Rooms 4-6 are set in “living-room” style with two large armchairs for each principal. Each room measures approximately 56 feet by 27 feet.

Availability: These rooms will be open and available beginning March 31st from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and again Friday, April 1st from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Pool Capacity: Each room can comfortably fit a combined media pool of twenty (20) individuals, and a maximum of thirty (30) individuals. We strongly encourage delegation press officers to prohibit video tripods to maximize capacity.

Throw (distance from press riser to HOD): Depending on room configuration and principal positioning, media should expect a throw of approximately 20 (6 meters) to 25 feet (7 meters).

Media Access/Gathering Point: Media pools must access bilateral meetings by gathering at the Secondary Pool Rally/Departure Point Room 140 A/B on the street level of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, receiving a briefing room-specific underlay. After receiving the underlay, U.S. media staff will escort press into the briefing room in conjunction with delegation press staff. On conclusion of the bilateral press opportunity, media must return their briefing room-specific underlays to U.S. media staff.

HostTV: Dependent on resources, and if a delegation selects or permits, video from HostTV will be posted as downloadable high-quality and web-quality video after the conclusion of a bilateral meeting coverage opportunity.